CCIC-Phemac and Nex-labs Presentation

About CCIC

Created since in 1892, under governance of Ministry in charge of Trade, the chamber of Commerce & Industry of the Center is a public organization of economic interest. The members of CCIC are operators in Industry, Trade, Services and Handicrafts. It assists its members at national& International levels and supports them through all the stages of their development by providing them with the  Economic& regulations information, the support to promote their exports and the organization of events, exhibitions and matchmaking days.

About NEX-LABS Project

NEX-LABS targeted territories, characterized by water scarcity/irregular rainfall/population distribution, reflectagriculture as largest user of water (70-90%) while future global warming projections (≈2oC) involve summer precipitation (-10/-30%) threatening water availability (-2/-15%) and agriculturalproductivity (-12/-40%). The latent conflictbetween energy efficiency (≈60%)and water production is also increasing energy footprint/m3 of water used toproduce food. The predicted future shortfalls in Water/Energy/Food (WEF)requires a NEXUS approach. In thiscontext, NEX-LABS aims to support theimplementation of clean technologies for sustainable and resilient increaseofagri-food sector production based on a more efficient use of energy(renewable/solar solutions) and water(wastewater treatment, water harvestingor reuse solutions) in MPC region thanks to the contributions of ICT suchasblockchain technology, Internet or the Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI),Machine Learning and Big Data.

NEX-LABS project includes a partnership of 11 institutions from 7 differentcountries across the Mediterranean to tackle the challenges of a competitiveand inclusivegrowth thanks to a nexus driven approach. This project is fundedby the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme. With a total budget of€3.450.984,97 , the project has received a contribution of € 3.105.866,47 (90%).

Nex-Labs Partners

About PHEMAC Project

The PHEMAC project is co-funded under the PRIMA programme. An Art.185 initiative supported and funded under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.This project consists of creating an interactive IHUB platform which aims to capitalize on the results and best practices of the innovative projects carried out and those in progress linked to NEXUS and more particularly in the fields of water and agriculture in the Euro-Mediterranean region. PHEMAC will focus on best practices and projects related to farming system, water and food. PHEMAC has been designed considering already defined strategic priorities to develop the framework for cooperation in the MPC region and face future Water Ecosystem, Food and their NEXUS challenges through an open innovation approach supported by an enhanced public-private sector cooperation. 

The PHEMAC project is implemented by 12 partners, distributed among several countries in the Mediterranean: Spain, Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, France and Tunisia. 

PHEMAC Partners